Achieving Success and How to use TIME

When it comes to success, we have to deal with the reality of certain forces of nature that oppose us. One of this is time.

What people tend to take away from the Isaac Newton apple experiment is gravity. However, there is also the issue of time. The apple doesn't appear on the ground in an instant, and a feather takes longer. When we have goals, we need to accept that some take longer than others to manifest.

Time is a scarce commodity because we live in a society that wants it all now, and fast. We have to schedule intimacy with our partners, plan for relaxation in the form of a holiday, and we are always 'finding time' for something essential.

The worst part about living in a society that runs on time is how it can seem to get away from you. How goals, dreams, aspirations are lost in its speedy passage. From where I sit, both professionally and personally, time pressure prioritises accomplishment, and so leaves little time for being: for sitting and breathing. Observing. Not doing for a moment.

Research shows that taking time out, having a break throughout the day just to disconnect from work and have mental space - actually refreshes you. Your brain is in fact more active when the mind wanders, and has the consequence of providing a space, however small, for creativity to unfold naturally.

Unplugging for a few moments may seem to be 'doing nothing' but the synapses are constantly working. You are much more likely to have a 'sudden inspiration' after a break.

Author Credits ::

Emma Michelle Dixon

I am a life coaching specialising in time management, identifying and manifesting your goals, and relationship therapy.