About SBSN

The Small Business Support Network aims to provide small business with a solid starting point to the online business world.

toolsQuite often however, when many small business get their web site established... that is ALL they do.

But the success or failure of an online business presence is dependent on how you use all the Internet can offer - continually!

As a web designer working with Australian small businesses since 1995, I provide my clients with ongoing support so they can actually get a return on their Internet investment.

Hence the conception, birth, and ongoing development of SBSN... where I'll try to help your small business get the most out of the Internet by providing all sorts of relevant information, networking and promotional opportunities, mostly at little or no cost.

If there's anything you'd like to see on SBSN, or if you have information you wish to contribute, then get in touch with me... please contact me.

Disclaimer of Legal Liability

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I cannot warrant that the information presented will apply to your particular individual situation, nor be relevant to the particular legislative requirements in your state or country.

I hope the information presented can, at best, provide you with useful ideas and opportunities which you should discuss carefully with your business advisers before taking any other course of action.

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