And About Time Too...

This one's out of the "I don't know why it took so long to do?" category... considering we've been running since 1997.

It just suddenly dawned on me that I've got all these great sections here talking about putting your business online, etc., etc., and one section has been missing for the last ten years!

Now - I'm not too sure whether it was to jealously guard the secrets of my trade or not, or whether I just totally didn't see it before (most likely), but I've just now added a new section of articles on Web Design.

My Web Design Hints and Tips are designed for those people who aren't afraid to dabble with the code of their web site, who want to create something more than just a "brochure", and who are finding it a little difficult to take their skills to the next level (always something that is hard to do in the IT world... get up past basic).

And to kick it off... there's a new article on How to Add PayPal Buy Now Buttons to Your Web Site... written just yesterday (10th January 1007) after I ploughed through ALL the info at PayPal and tested it at their developer's sandbox, to try to make it work on my sites (and that's something else which I'll be releasing real soon now... stay tuned).

Please enjoy! I'll be trying to add new meaty items to this new section regularly...

Stephen Spry