Some auto article spam bot software found me... and has meant that I have been subjected to literally hundreds of automated article submissions which were, obviously, not wanted.

This has meant a BIG cleanup of pretty much ALL the people who may have registered as being interested in submitting articles for publication here... and without knowing who or what, I had little option but to delete everyone who was previously registered who did NOT have any articles published.

If you are interested in using OzSmallBiz as a business related article publication service, you are still more than welcome to do so.

It will however require you to to make a manual application by email to have things set up for you.

This simply involves EMAILING ME the article for approval. Make sure you have included the following:

  • The HEADING you want
  • The body content of the article - NO LINKS IN IT please
  • An Author Resource Box - which will include the links/anchor text you wish to use

Please send TEXT only... I do not want word .doc items or similar

If the article is suitable - think in terms of "light reading" - then I will be happy to publish it for you. However... if I can't understand it, or if it is poorly written, or full of wheel barrow words... it's not gonna happen. :)

I do hope to see your articles asap!

Stephen Spry