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Training Articles

Pilots of Valor, Mentoring Youth-At-Risk
Pilots of Valor, is a Christian based group of aviators, pilots and aviation enthusiast dedicate to their love of aviation along with The First Baptist Church of Leesburg Florida has implemented a Mentoring program directed at Youth-At-Risk. With biblical principles and exposure to aviation, flying and aviation careers, they have teamed-up to make a difference in their community. [More]

Why Change Management Training is Essential for Your Company
Most companies will face major changes in their organization. To help the transformation process go more smoothly have your leaders engage in change management training. [More]

The Trading Teacher
Not all traders are fortunate enough to have a friend or relative, who happens to be a successful trader, to learn from. Like most traders, Marquez Comelab, author of book: The Part-Time Currency Trader, did not know anybody who could teach him, in person, how to trade. So he read books and attended seminars. In this article, he shares the lessons he learnt from his very first trading teacher. [More]