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Real Estate Articles

Robert Allen's Investment Property
With The One Minute Millionaire, Robert Allen introduced to the world the enlightened way to accumulate millions of dollars. The book offers a number of different investment strategies to help future millionaires follow the enlightened path to wealth. As Robert Allen suggests, an investors can choose between real estate, stocks & bonds, mutual funds, and even gold. One of my favorite investment strategies involves purchasing investment properties. [More]

Mortgage Processing Software

The processing of loan documents, which a mortgage dealing entails, is an arduous task, but in this era of advanced Internet technology the process has been simplified in keeping with the demands of the present day requirements. [More]

Moving Out of the City
Australia's largest metropolitan cities are exciting places to live and work, but they are becoming increasingly expensive. Although overall, Australia's housing market is stable and quite affordable, home prices in Melbourne average $335,000. Sydney is even higher, with prices well above the norm at an average of $524,000. [More]

The Saga of a Mortgage Lender
When the going gets tough and the tough just keeps on going, mortgage lenders may seem like godsend angels at your doorstep. [More]

What’s the Deal with Interest Only Mortgages?
Have you heard that commercial about interest-only mortgages...the one where you’re told about what a wonderful benefit it is to have a low, low mortgage payment and all the wonderful tax write-offs you will receive? [More]