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Medical Articles

Med Carts and Assisted Living Facilities
A multitude of medical or med cart choices are currently available, specifically, for use in Assisted Living Facilities. Distinguishing characteristics of these med carts along with analyses of potential use, need to be weighed carefully with the particular requirements of the facility. In effect, many factors must be considered in selecting a med cart that comprehensively benefits the patient and the care-provider, but also enhances the facility.

Ten Daily Habits to Explode Your Practice
Do you want to grow and expand your practice? Here are ten powerful habits you need to develop and start doing every day to ensure and nurture success as a practitioner. [More]

Medical Malpractice What Are The Six Greatest Risks?
First, lets make one thing clear, the vast majority of patients do not experience any form of Medical Malpractice. In fact the error rate seems to only be between 5 to 80 errors per 100,000 visits to medical practitioners. That not withstanding if you are one of those who become a victim of Medical Malpractice your error rate is 100%. [More]

Own a Pharmacy? Learn How Medical Factoring can Help you Grow It
Hurry up and wait. If you own a pharmacy that is billing private insurance companies, HMO's and Medicare/Medicaid you know the meaning of that phrase very well. Hurry up and wait is what happens after you submit client claims for payment. You wait 30, 60 and sometimes 90 days before you get paid. [More]

Practice Management: Your people can give your practice a powerful edge
Everyone reading this article may work in different fields, yet all of us work in the same business:the business of serving people. Your success or failure depends on how well you please your patients and referring physicians. [More]