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Legal Articles

When a handshake is not enough: why you need a Partnership Agreement
If you want to avoid uncertainty and the automatic application of unsuitable statutory law, a partneship agreement is a wise investment... [More]

Legalities & Contracts -- The Not So Fun Stuff!
When operating a small business or home-based business it’s important to have contracts and do the legal aspects of business correctly. [More]

Business Laws: What you Need to Know
When operating a business, regardless of whether it is a small business or a large corporation, you need to be on top of business law compliance. Even if you hire a business law firm, it’s still a good idea to understand what regulations you must meet. [More]

How to Protect Intellectual Property Rights When Doing Business in China
Is it possible to protect your Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) when doing business in China? A lot of people ask me this, and it is a great question and a very interesting topic. Things have changed dramatically in just the past few years in this area, most especially in China. [More]

Is the Limited Liability Company the Right Entity for Your Business?
Should you operate your business as a corporation? Or is there another, simpler alternative? You've probably noticed that in the past decade there are more and more businesses with their names followed by the letters "LLC" instead of "Inc.". "LLC" stands for Limited Liability Company, is the newest type of legal entity that exists in the United States, and for many entrepreneurs it is the ideal marriage between the tax advantages of the limited partnership and the limited liability feature of the corporation. Now available in all 50 states---even to non-U.S. citizens--most likely the LLC should have a key place in your business structure. [More]