How to Slash Debts in Half Without Destroying Your Credit

If you've been struggling to keep your credit payments up to date but find yourself getting further and further behind, you could be eligible to receive a sizable reduction in the amount you owe.

· The debt must be unsecured, and it may also include any judgements, collection items, garnishments, writs and student loans. Of course credit cards, loans and lines of credit are eligible as well.

· The minimum combined debt must be $5000. There is no maximum.

· Government programs are not eligible, i.e. any kind of income tax arrears, sales tax arrears, etc.

· The debt must be at least 90 days in arrears to qualify

· This program is available to anyone. You don't have to be a homeowner. As a matter of fact this program may help you to purchase a home much sooner.

· The harassing phone calls from creditors stop almost right away. You are no longer required to deal with them during this process.

· Business owners struggling with commercial debt are also eligible.

· A lump sum payment is required to pay off the creditors. Renegotiating the first mortgage or arranging a new second (or third) mortgage is the usual method used to supply the funds.

· Your credit report will reflect "paid in full" the next time the lending institution updates your file with the credit bureau. This will help to improve your rating almost right away.

· I have been able to help clients save thousands of dollars using this program. Email me today to see if you qualify.

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Donna Lewczk has been in the financial services industry for over 20 years. She has helped many clients INCREASE their monthly cash flow by hundreds and sometimes THOUSANDS of dollars a month by ELIMINATING their debt by HALF and sometimes even more. For more information email Donna at or visit