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Entertainment Articles

Corpse of the III Reich – An Adventurous Flash Action Game!
“Corpse of the III Reich” will let you be a part of mysterious, elaborate and an original story. All you have to do is win an adventurous fight against more than 35 different 3d modeled enemies. But winning does not come easy, as it seems. You first have to cross-mysterious riddles and puzzles thrown across 50 different levels. [More]

Time Fighter - The greatest battle of our planet begins.
Action games basically feature physical fighting involving explosions, shooting, fist-fighting, high-speed flying or driving while shooting to eliminate enemies with minor puzzle solving involved. Action Games focus on speed and physical drama, which set high demands on the player's reflexes and coordination skills. [More]

Snowy Puzzle Islands – Challenge for Sharpest Brainiest
Play Snowy: Puzzle Island game full of gorgeous 3d graphics and animation. And suitable for all ages! [More]

Park A Lot – II: Become a Parker
Park A Lot II is Funny and puzzling driving game with ultra smooth controls. To Become Better parker play Park a Lot 2 and start with your new job and promote to the best parker in the world! [More]

Core Salvage - Unlimited Playtime & Lots of Fun!
In the modern day world, dozens of action games are published every year, only to be forgotten almost immediately in many cases. But finally an action game has arrived which will not only leave you spell bound but completely addicted to it. [More]