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Why a Book Signing is a Newsperson's Nightmare
The book signing: a standard for any author. After all, what better way to get your name and book out there than to appear at a book store, giving autographs to an adoring public. Wrong! [More]

Bijoy Goswami Interview
I read an amazing book recently called the Human Fabric. It resonated so strongly with me that I just had to find and speak to the author himself, Bijoy Goswami. Though it is a rare priviledge to speak to an author that has a dramatic effect upon your life, it is worth noting the Bijoy is more than just an author. He's also musician, a playwrite, a public speaker, an Oxford/Stanford Scholor, a tireless networker and entrepreneur amongst many other things... [More]

Know These Five Audiences to Write a Top Selling Book
To create a salable book you need to know your preferred audience or audiences before you write your book. This essential "hot-selling point" helps you write focused, organized, and compelling copy your audience will appreciate and talk about. Which of these 5 audiences suits your book? [More]

Top 10 Questions to Ask Yourself Before You Write Another Book
Stop writing new books until you market the one you have. Why? Because you need to learn the best, proven offline and online promotion techniques, and apply them to one book at a time. If your first book doesn't get promotion attention, it will not sell well either. Ask yourself these 10 questions. [More]