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Banking Articles

Banking Services
The type of services offered by a bank depends upon the nature of the bank and the country where the bank operates. The services provided by banks usually include checking accounts, saving accounts, and investment advice. [More]

Commercial Banking
A commercial bank's primary liabilities are deposits and primary assets are loans and bonds. As per the U.S. Banking Act of 1971, the "commercial bank" is an institution that offers demand deposits and originates loans.” Therefore, a money market mutual fund is not a commercial bank as it does not originate loans. [More]

The word ‘bank’ is derived from the Italian word ‘banca’, which is derived from the German word for ‘bench’. Moneylenders in Northern Italy originally did business in open areas or open rooms where each lender worked from his own bench or table. The very first banks were probably in religious temples of the ancient world. Greek temples as well as private and civic entities conducted financial transactions such as loans, deposits, currency exchange, and the validation of coinage. Charging interest on loans and paying interest on deposits developed in ancient Rome. [More]

Offshore Merchant Account Advantages
A lot of businesses struggle to be accepted for a merchant account since they don't know about offshore merchant accounts. It is easy to be accepted for an offshore merchant account and it might also provide the business with many economical advantages. [More]

How to Bank Offshore
First of all, we have to define what offshore banking is: Offshore Banking is having a bank account in a country where you are not a resident. Normally this would be in a tax haven (a country that has low taxes or no taxation). Because of the word “offshore” you would think that only remote islands are offering this type of banking........... [More]