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Aviation Articles

Are your Ready for This? Cessna Introduces Revolutionary Glass Panel!
It’s almost impossible to keep up with changes in technology and in today’s aircraft the changes are no exception. Just about every aircraft manufacturer has announced new and exciting improvments that all speak to increased safety and situational awareness. In case you’ve missed the news at Cessna, let me bring you up to date.

Is there a Smart Way to buy an Airplane?
Airplanes have been perceived as a purchase that is “out of reach” for the average upper middle-class family. But the reality is that learning to fly and the purchase of a new aircraft can actually be more affordable than many of the typical family expenditures. [More]

Have you ever wondered who would be your pilots for your projected flights? Who would be taking you up in the sky? Or “who is flying you?” as you fly aboard a jetliner. [More]

A Story Of Unbelievable Persistence
This is the story of Richard M. DeVos and his high-school buddy, Jay Van Andel, who came home after the Second World War convinced that the aviation business would be the trend of the future. It's about how they never gave up despite obstacle after obstacle. [More]

Aviation Insurance - The Basics
You should begin shopping around for aviation insurance at least six months before you are going to need it. Whether you are purchasing a new aircraft or fixing up a new one, you are going to need airline insurance. [More]