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Agriculture Articles

The Omega Garden, Ideal Commercial Hydroponic System or For The Indoor Grower.
In today's world if there is space we will fill it and now with less and less space to grow, vast acres of farmland are hard to come by. Not to mention the environmental strain the farming puts on the land and our resources. But with the Omega Garden there is always room to grow. . .up! [More]

Certified Organic vs Fair Trade Certified
The title of this article is disturbing. The concepts of Organic and Fair Trade are very important to building (rebuilding) a sustainable society. The good news is that the certifications are not mutually exclusive and actually complement each other nicely.

Twenty-First-Century Barn Raising
In the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries in some areas of the rural United States, whenever a barn was needed, it was normal practice for the farmer to call together his neighbors and, over the course of a day, put up a rugged, spacious barn that would serve its owners for decades. The practice made a difficult and lengthy task easy and fast as it forged a bond among members of the community. [More]

Homesteading - live the life or pay the price
I've been told that you can get out of the rat race (become a homesteader) or be a city dweller; the only difference is you'll either be trading your time working to be more self sufficient (self employed, gardening, getting wood in for the winter, etc.) or trade time away from home, at work, to pay for the conveniences and bills (Overtime). [More]

Asia, Africa and Climate Modification
As often seems the case, less developed countries seem to receive the bulk of the impact when it comes to negative world developments. The third world and climate modification is no different.
Third World and Climate modification [More]