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Welcome to the Small Business Support Network's eLibrary featuring articles to do with Advertising. Please enjoy reading our selection of articles, and if you have something you wish to share, then why not submit an article to us for publication. It's great extra publicity for your business.

Advertising Articles

Home Business Start Up -- Advertising Sales Consultant
An Advertising Sales Consultant Home Based Business has low start up costs and has a huge profit potential. This Business travels with you...It's in your telephone and laptop. [More]

Internet Advertising Banners
Do you have a business or service that needs advertisement? Advertising with banners on the internet is still popular. Partly because it saves companies more money and it could reach a larger audience. That is if you use it to your advantage. [More]

A very efficient method to advertise your professional services, the products you are selling or simply to help you find a better job is writing targeted articles. [More]

Fine Tuning Your Ad Copy
If you spend any time online, you have probably seen something like this: "ARE YOU SURCHING FOR A GAURANTEED BUSSINESS OPPORTUNITY? DOWNLOAD HERE" That may be extreme. Unfortunately it's not at all unusual [More]

Marketing Myths
Your online marketing battle will include a number of different methods in different areas of the Internet. You may have a web site, use an auto responder, post classified ads, post articles, place banner advertisements, sponsor lists and newsletters, distribute press releases, and much more. [More]