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Administration Articles

The Hidden Costs of Procrastination
Everyone procrastinates - it's simply human nature. But procrastination can cause more problems than simply not getting the job done [More]

The Marriage of BPM and Six Sigma
Companies are just discovering the benefits of combining BPM and Six Sigma. Ideal for enhancing the long-term performance of business processes, the BPM/Six Sigma union helps companies better characterize, understand, and manage entire value chains. It also helps companies improve control and predictability of corporate business processes and generate sustainable enterprise improvements in performance levels. [More]

CIO Enterprise Identity Project Approaches
CIO Enterprise Identity Project Approaches
The Enterprise Identity Management project is all about automating business processes and synchronizing identity-related information across the enterprise.

School Administration Software for Residential Schools
School Administration in case of a residential school is like running a small city. Unlike the day schools where it is more or less about academic automation, fees and library the administration of a residential school requires a lot of other issues to be taken care of........ [More]

Strategic, Operational Controlling - Early Recognition of Crisis
Importance of Controlling for management of all types of business. Assistance in good and in bad times - some enterprises are in a crisis without knowing it. [More]