12 Timeless Tips for Revitalising Your Relationships

Read the article for our 12 tips to revitalise your relationships and increase your level of intimacy with others.

We've developed these tips after years of working with couples, to increase the intimacy and trust in their relationships.

We call these tips "timeless" because they’re relationship advice that never fails to work!

1: Don’t Make Assumptions

2: Don’t Take It Personally

3: Don’t Pretend Nothing is Wrong

4: Don’t Fall Into the Anxious Vs. Avoidant Trap

5: Don’t Do Tit-For-Tat

6: Don’t Do Knee-Jerk Defence

7: Don’t Project (well, at least notice when you do it)

8: Don’t Overgeneralise or Catastrophise

9: Don’t Sit On the Fence

10: Don’t Do “Negative Bleed”

11: Forgive Quickly and Often

12: Answer Security Questions Quickly and Often

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Author Credits ::

Ron Dowd and Amanda Gruhn are two counsellors and psychotherapists working at Therapy Duo in the Eastern Suburbs of Sydney.