Surveys in General and Land Surveys in Australia (The Basics)

You landed here probably because you need to know important facts about surveying. So what is land survey, and what are the things that you need to know about it?

Well, it depends on your purpose. Do you need the information for homework or for some real-life projects? Do you want to have a property survey done and need to look for the best surveyor in Sydney?

If so, you have nothing to worry about. Sydney has a lot of good surveyors that can provide good-quality service. Whatever your purpose is, you need to start with the basics before trying to be in the know of more complex pieces of information.

Surveying Defined

Now, it’s time to feed your mind. What is surveying and what does it encompass?

Surveying is the science of mapping and measuring an area. It is done with the use of mathematics and technology. For a very long time now, it has been an important part of various ways of developing the environment. The planning and actual executions of constructions require the assistance of surveyors.

Surveyors basically measure anything on the land, water, and even the sky. But, dear, their job is not as simple as its basic definition. To become a surveyor, you need to earn a degree in surveying or related field. You need to pass required exams and be licensed as well. Lastly, you need to undergo specific trainings to improve your skills. Pursuing a career as a surveyor equates to having opportunities in a wide array of industries: construction, engineering, archaeology, government, and a lot more. Land surveyor, construction surveyor, property surveyor – would you like to land one of these jobs?

Land Surveys in Australia

Okay, enough of the definition. Let us now discuss the important details about land surveys in Australia that you might need to know. These are a bit technical; you might need to exert a little effort to fully understand the subject.

• Construction/Civil Survey

This refers to the act of surveying a land area for construction purposes; let’s say in putting up a building or constructing pipelines, roads, etc. Performing construction survey helps the architects in making accurate plans about what they’re going to build on a particular area. It also helps them identify the available space and exact shape of a property as well as the landscape. Once these details are determined, planning becomes clearer and easier. These facts speak about the importance of hiring land surveyors in construction companies. The information also explains why they are always first to come on site.

• Land Survey

This is mostly essential during situations in which there is a dispute over land ownership, construction rights, property lines, or other concerns. In these cases, inquiries and concerns are raised to land surveyors who fix and deal with the issues. They do it with the help of people who are knowledgeable about government land and ownership laws.

• Land Detail and Feature Survey

Land surveyors likewise work during the times when specifications of a certain piece of land are needed. Some of those times could be the following: a property is to be sold, development needs to be done (e.g. building fences and walls), and a property needs to be divided into several areas. There are actually numerous situations wherein the exact land dimensions and landscape needs to be determined.

• Development Survey

In Australia, laws regarding construction are made; for instance, those that discuss about types of establishments or projects to be built and their sizes. The assistance of land surveyors are needed to make sure that these guidelines are followed. This should be done before starting the actual construction.

Moreover, development surveys allow you to identify when a development application (DA) is needed. DA is a very technical matter; hence it is best to avail land surveying services in Australia. You can always check the property yourself but it is really better to ask for the help of knowledgeable people.

Surveys in a Nutshell

As you have learned, surveys play a very important role in the execution of numerous projects, particularly in construction and property development. Using the modern technology, land surveyors have the ability to accurately measure lands and create 3D models. Land surveying encompasses mapping and measurement of land areas while other types of surveys, as mentioned earlier, cover water, aerial, and even underground features.

So, there. Did you discover everything that you wanted to? Well, these are just the basics. Whatever your purpose is, you need to be ready for more technical pieces of information if you want to be in the know of more details. Surveys have a lot to do with our environment. They are needed in executing various activities on land, water, and air. So basically, they have played a significant part in our lives, whether directly or indirectly.

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