iPhone and Smartphone Replacement Screen Quality

It's a widely held misconception that all screens used in this industry are of the same quality and grade. Where in fact there is a very wide range of quality used by repairers.

Screens, especially those used for iPhone and iPad screen replacements, are available from the highest "original" quality right through to 'B' grade copy screens, with many variations and combinations in between.

An LCD screen assembly like those used for iPhone 4, iPhone 5 & iPhone 6 series, comprises of many components, including a glass lens, digitizer, LCD, frame, flex cables and various adhesives holding it all together.

So where an 'original' quality screen uses all the original components, including the original adhesives; a copy screen will use all copy components, which are of an inferior quality in most cases.

Then there are screens which use an original (refurbished) LCD panel with all other copy components and are passed off as 'original' LCD, which is very misleading.

When obtaining quotes to have your smartphone or tablet screen replaced you should be able to gauge the quality of parts used by two factors: the price of the repair service and the length of warranty offered.

The adage "You get what you pay for" couldn't be more true.

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