A Memorable Wine and Dine Experience at The Barossa Valley Wine Tour

Read and learn about the Barossa Valley wine region in South Australia.

A Memorable Wine and Dine Experience at The Barossa Valley Wine Tour

Located 60 miles away from Adelaide, lies one of South Australia’s most beautiful and picturesque destinations – The Barossa Valley. Barossa is known for its vineyards, quaint historic towns, and stunning architecture. This valley is a world famous wine producing region as the Mediterranean climate is perfect for grape production.

Since 1842, wine has been a way of life in Barossa. This valley was first inhabited by a few European families and therefore, you will notice a distinct European look and feel to the surrounding areas. If you are visiting South Australia, the Barossa Valley Wine Tour is a perfect way to get a taste of Australian hospitality and delicious local wines.

All About Wines
There are around 750 families growing grapes and producing wine in Barossa for more than six generations. When you visit the valley, you will be greeted with their warmth and friendly nature, making your trip even more enjoyable. These families supply wine to over 170 companies across the world and their wines enjoy a special place amongst the best wines in the world.

Barossa Shiraz and Riesling from Eden Valley are the regional heroes here, followed by Cabernet Sauvignon, exquisite Chardonnays, Grenaches, Semillon and Tawny. If you would like to celebrate wine, you can visit during the Barossa vintage valley festival that takes place every two years to honour the success of the vineyards.

A Wine Tasting Combined with a Scenic Tour

Your visit to South Australia is incomplete without the Barossa Valley Wine Tour. Most tours here are open to public but you can also book your appointment and tours in advance. Opt for a scenic tour of Barossa, McLaren Vale and the Adelaide Hills to experience some of the most promising and outstanding natural wonders in Australia.

The Personalized Private Group Tours

Barossa Bound Tours offers exclusive private group tours for the valley. The private group tour is personalised, indulgent and intimate, making it ideal for 4-20 people. You can customize the tour as per your budget, flexibility and winery choices.

You can also opt for a pre-packaged tour wherein you can visit four amazing wineries and enjoy a sumptuous lunch, all in a span of eight hours. You can also get a car and driver to take you around if you prefer not to drive.

The Romantic Couple Tours

If you are visiting Australia for your honeymoon, there is nothing more romantic than a wine tour at Barossa. This luxurious tour includes a Chrysler with knowledgeable drivers to help you move around easily across the valley. You can either design your own tour or opt from a pre-arranged tour in chosen wine areas.

You and your partner can indulge in luxurious wines either for a full day tour or a half day, depending on your time-frame and budgets. Celebrate your love amidst the valleys and vineyards for a perfect beginning to your married life!

Discover the charm of Barossa Valley with Barossa Bound Tours and take home some unforgettable memories, delectable wines and unmatched beauty.

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