An Invisible Allergy

An invisible allergy that caused so much pain caused one of my patients to almost give up.

Loretta Sims was excited about being a mother for the first time. Five months ago she and her husband Wayne welcomed a healthy baby boy into their family. When baby Kingston was 4 years old, Loretta stopped breastfeeding and shortly after her little boy changed. She said he was screaming like he was in pain all day until he went to sleep at night. She said " It was a big change because he was so perfect."

For months Kingston screamed all through the day and slept through the night and nothing Loretta could do could calm him down. Loretta and Wayne took Kingston to doctors who put the cause down down to colic or reflux. Being a first time mom Loretta could never imagine the things that could go wrong and how bad it could be.

"No one tells you that. " I was getting depressed and you get to a point where you don't enjoy being a mom. " It was so taxing. "

Living in Mackay away from her mother Alice who lives in Emerald, she felt very isolated, alone and overwhelmed.

Loretta's sister suggested they send Kingston's sample of hair away for Food Allergy Testing. My sister told me that one of her friends did it for her child because he was crying all the time.
That is when I first met Loretta who came to me for a allergy naturopathy consultation. Loretta had to be pretty skeptical and she waited a week for the results.

The results showed Kingston was Allergic to his formula as well as the dishwashing liquid that Loretta used to clean his bottles.
After reading those results it all "made sense" Loretta swapped his formula and the dishwashing liquid and 2 days later Kingston was a changed baby. She said "

He was back to himself, back to how it should be." Before he was in so much pain and if we hadn't done that test, where would we be now?"

A lot of people ask me about allergy testing. All ages and some think that babies are meant to cry. It may not work for everyone but it certainly worked in this case.

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