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With all the planning, expense, and stress that go into making a large party or event happen, you might think it hardly seems worth the hassle. Yet, for all the trouble of getting the food set up, hiring entertainment, and making sure every base is covered, these great get-togethers continue to happen with consistent regularity because people love parties. It’s as simple as that.

While the planning and pulling off of the party or event can bring a lot of pressure and anxiety, it doesn’t have to always be so bad. Here are four ideas to help your next party and work function not only be a hit, but also be a hit to plan.

1. Make a theme

Themed parties are great because they give strangers something to talk about right off the bat. Theme parties are especially useful at business events where the environment tends to be a little stuffy. A theme party is a fantastic way to break the ice and get people networking. The theme can be based on someone’s life, a conference topic, a location, or a relative pop culture reference. Allowing you the planner to get creative with costumes, food, decorations, and more.

2. Location, Location

While conference rooms and ballrooms do cater to large parties and events very well, have you ever been to a wedding or business dinner in one of these places and found the atmosphere a little stale? That’s why it is important to pick a great location if you want your party to be remembered. It is paramount to consider who your guest will mainly be. If you’re hosting a family function where children will make up a considerable amount of people, why not host the party outside in a marquee perhaps or an interesting location like an amusement park. The important thing here is to consider all possibilities and think outside of the conference room.

3. Good eats

Behind every great event there is an even greater menu. But the greatness doesn’t only come from how the food tastes. It’s also comes from how it looks. Don’t miss an opportunity to get fancy and creative with your food, but keep in mind, it doesn’t necessarily need to be expensive. When interviewing caterers for the job, discuss with them the different little flairs the can add to their food to enhance its appearance and if there’s something they can do to work within the party’s theme, even better.

4. Entertain me

Whether it’s a wedding or graduation you’re throwing, having the time of your life comes directly after having great food. Business functions can be so boring so why not spice it up with great entertainment to give your guests another ice breaker and another conversation piece. Comedians are always a popular choice just make sure he or she knows it’s okay to make fun of the boss. Other ideas are musicians, magicians, local artists, an improve troupe, and many others. Having a mariachi band come to sing at every table during dinner will surely keep the people talking.

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