Let’s Smock Around

When you think of painting, what comes to mind? When I think of painting, I think of it as being one giant mess...

Paint everywhere, on everything, and it’s not always easy to get it out of things. Especially if you have young children or animals around when you’re trying to paint.

I have tried just about everything to keep paint from getting all over the place when I am painting. And the one thing that I have found to keep me from getting paint all over my clothes... are paint smocks. They’re easy to use too.

All you have to do is simply... place it over your clothes to prevent paint from getting on them. You’ll find them to be a total lifesavers when your painting and don’t want to get paint all over yourself.

Another great useful item to have on hand if you’re an artist is an art smock. They’re designed to hold some of the art supplies that you’ll use to create your next masterpiece. I personally have never used an art smock. I, however, am not an artist. I paint from time to time but as far as any other form of art it usually does not happen on my end. I love to look at art and admire the beauty in someone else’s work. I do not have the ability to do the amazing job that a lot of people do.

So what is the difference between an art smock and a paint smock? I believe the only major difference is the art smocks have pockets on them and are designed to hold supplies that you are using. Whereas the paint smocks are designed to shield your clothes from paint. So which do you prefer?

I prefer a paint smock over an art smock. Only for the reason I am not an artist so therefore I do not have very many art supplies. I do however paint so I have paint brushes and paint. I also have both children and pets so to paint without a mess is a challenge. I can protect my clothes but protecting the rest of the house sometimes proves to be a challenge.

Doing art or painting is a challenge so anytime you can use something to make it a little easier and less of a mess I am sure it helps. I know it helps me to prevent any extra clean up. I am all about making things easier when you can. I like to think of it as doing things the easy way.

I leave you no saying continue your art, and where you can make it easier give it a try. Crunched for time! Try some easy ways to prevent a big mess with a lot of clean up.

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