Gets the time and cost savings of using video for training

Imagine if your employees actually implemented new ideas and behaviours after they’re delivered at live training events? It's estimated that only 10% of ideas and behaviours delivered at live training events actually get added to employees repertoire. How to improve on that?

Imagine your new hires being engaged in a fun, thorough and dynamic process that begins before they arrive on their first day! And is then followed by a well-executed induction and training program for at least the first three months they are in position...

Video Training Is So Valuable

Training and coaching videos can be used to assist employees to actually practice new behaviours introduced in live training events.

They can be accessed by employees when the need actually arises when they are ‘on the job’ as opposed to when they attend a live training event. It is widely accepted that only 10% of learning takes place at live events. The rule of thumb for on the job learning and development is that this comprises 70% of where learning occurs. Training and coaching video delivered after live training means you use this fact to your advantage.

Video training allows staff in key roles - managers, techies, organisers, administrators and senior staff - to communicate with all employees, even freelancers and remote workers, with far less of their time given to the task.

By using video, leaders can communicate in an attention grabbing and concise way. This helps the whole organisation to stay cohesive, as you swerve and move to stay where your market share is.

Get the benefit of filmstretch’s experience in learning and development video.

At my company filmstretch our specialty is producing induction, learning and development, and training/coaching video. This is because, prior to founding filmstretch, I was a consultant in training and development and an executive coach.

You get the benefit of both my trainer hat and my video producer hat. By using video, you’ll get the results you’re really looking for.

Induction Video Reduces Quick Staff Turnaround

People and Culture leaders, Learning and Development departments, HR professionals and coaches and trainers - people who know about staff - know that quality induction means providing a thorough on-boarding process as well as ongoing training and development for new employees. They know this also leads to higher performance and, higher job satisfaction. And as an added benefit it creates loyalty.

Analysis by the Aberdeen Group shows that all sizes of company, whose strategy includes a formal and high standard on-boarding process, has an employee retention in the region of 30 points above companies who don’t have consistent induction and ongoing training.

This equates to about an 86% retention rate. This is a figure companies know would be incredibly valuable yet it remains out of reach too much of the time.

Using induction and training video results in high quality on-boarding and ongoing training, that are both affordable and attainable.

Running traditional live induction training for all new employees in your company is both expensive and time consuming to do well.

It is also repetitive as each new employee needs to get across the same material. You will find yourself repeating things like company mission, values and philosophy; the brand ‘why’ and the brand character; health and safety; IT; workflow; policy and procedures; introduction to current staff etc..

Not only does this mean a big spend of both money and time, but also some of the employees who need to be involved in on-boarding can be seniors whose time is better allocated to their primary role.

This is where on-boarding video comes in...

Video means you can give new employees both the big picture and the details consistently without burning through current employees’ time.

If you do video well, you can get new members of the team enthusiastic about joining your company and about representing your brand. It can assist in everyone across the board being fully on-board with the ‘face’ of the company. And a cohesive message can be created via video that standardises and solidifies your company message and takes the slog out of getting everyone up to date with changes.

5 Easy On-boarder Videos

‘Welcome To The Team’ video Should be inclusive, engaging, and introduce line managers, leaders and other key staff. The aim is to begin to alleviate first day nerves and present an open culture that newbies can get excited about becoming part of.

‘Key Company Policies’ video A person on video can outline and explain complex policy in layman’s terms, this could be an HR professional or a senior staff member who knows policy inside out.

It’s quicker than face-to-face presentations or getting new staff to read through piles of documents. And it’s probably far less boring for everyone too!

'I've Done Your Job’ video If someone is outgoing, get them to record a message for the incomer explaining key skills and intricacies of processes and networks.

‘Job Skills Training’ videos These are crucial, as for each role in your organisation different skills are needed. Because staff can watch back over these videos they get a chance to absorb at their own pace and avoid overload, or under stimulation.

‘Miscellaneous But Crucial’ video How does one place a stationary order? Where are things stored? How does one use the printer? What’s the layout of the building? What’s the structure of the communication tree?

A video which clears up what can be bamboozling for a newcomer but is common sense to old timers is worth it's weight in gold.

Find High Quality Video Production

Training video needs to be well structured and intelligently thought though. It’s a coaching exercise, a management process, a human resources development task, as well as a training endeavour.

I can’t stress enough, training video should have your brand all over it, be inviting and fun. It should be engaging enough that some of it can be used to market your company and brand.

Choose a production company who really know the world of training and marketing as well as video production. It’s a highly specialised kind of production.

If you are an Australian company with, induction and learning and development needs, please contact me to discuss how we could work together.

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