Voppie Working For Yellow Octopus

We've been talking lately about Voppie's "Multi Point Of Sale Promotion"... but it's always better to see some practical examples of what you get.

In a previous post, we reported on the free promotion available to businesses who use our partner service @ Voppie.

The "Multi Point Of Sale Promotion" has actually been a little hard for some to visualise, so we thought it would be a good idea to demonstrate how businesses are now being promoted through that channel for a company that has just come on board...

Yellow Octopus

This firm sells some of Australia’s coolest gifts, gadgets and toys. Great present ideas for those who are hard to buy for!

Check out these links to their promotion:

  • Firstly, since a discussion about business promotion is relevant to the audience @ Ozsmallbiz, Yellow Octopus are featured in this article you are reading now.

  • Yellow Octopus now have a "hot" listing at Latest Sites, which includes an inline product catalog in their listing.

  • The "hot" listing means they will always appear at the top of the gift category page @ Latest Sites.

  • Meanwhile, over at at Come on Aussie, their business listing features an inline product catalog as well.

  • Their listing has been upgraded to a AAA listing, which means it now appears at the TOP of the gift category page, along with a random selection display of their products which are for sale.

  • Also @ Come On Ausie, when people carry out a matching keyword search, you will see a random selection of their products displayed within the search results... linking directly to their product page for people to buy!

  • We've also written an article to further promote their business which is published on Give An Aussie A Go... and that article also includes their inline product catalog.

  • You'll also see their business linked at the bottom of both home pages @ ComeOnAussie.net and also Advance Australia Fair

  • Also there is some social media promotion, with a post up on Voppie's Facebook Page - you'll also see a few other products for other suppliers featured there.

What I really like with most of these examples is that you can include a catalog and/or product inline with other pages on the internet... and people are able to view and even purchase from those pages.

For example, here is the Voppie's online catalog for Yellow Octopus: